Devil Hunter X

Devil Hunter X 1.0.0

Manga inspired action

Devil Hunter X is an action adventure RPG game. View full description


  • Great gameplay
  • Good art style


  • Graphics could be considered old

Very good

Devil Hunter X is an action adventure RPG game.

The story of Devil Hunter X takes place in Alunt, a city controlled by demons. As the hero, you have to wipe out all the demons from the city and save everyone.

Graphics in Devil Hunter X are very manga and anime inspired with an 8-bit flair. The old school pixels have a lot of smaller detail and bright colors. While Devil Hunter X may not have highly polished visuals, the game presents a game with a lot of style.

Gameplay is a hack-and-slash experience with purchasable upgrades for attacks. Using different combinations can produce different attacks. The first demo takes you through the tutorial where you learn the mechanics of Devil Hunter X.

The demo only consists of the first level, but it is a great taste of the action in Devil Hunter X. Devil Hunter X is great game for action adventure players.

Devil Hunter X


Devil Hunter X 1.0.0

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